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Zenith (HK) Ltd. stands for electronics and domestic supplier.  These days, we supply customers based in 25 countries across the globe. Our huge and constantly expanding product range caters for a loyal consumer base across all age groups, individual and business customers among them.

Whether you intend to make a purchase on behalf of a company, school, college, university or a local authority, placing an order with and you'll get the goods delivered right to your doorstep - wherever you live on the planet.

Our comprehensive business product range comprises everything from electronic components to the latest 3D printing technology. In short, supplies all the essentials (and more) your business needs. Why not setting up a business account right away, to view our prices ex-VAT at the checkout?

Why Choose Business Supplies?

  • We stock over 450.000 products
  • 200.000 of them are electronic components
  • 2-year warranty
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Express Delivery
  • No minimum order quantity. No minimum order value
  • Our team of specialists is happy to provide advice 
  • We stock all the leading brands. And plenty of our own.
  • One of the most comprehensive product ranges in retail
  • All orders over € 1.000 qualify for volume discount!

A Range of Flexible Payment Options

  • Being charged by invoice available for regular and repeat customers.
  • We accept payment by all major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Learn more about our payment options

Shop-Integration via OCI (Open Catalogue Interface)

For registered customers we offer an OCI connection. This will enable you to use your procurement system for fast and effortless ordering – without importing lots of catalogue data

Time extensive approval procedures can be sped up significantly.

  • No more updating of static catalogues
  • Immediate access to latest product information
  • Check stock online in real-time
  • Configurable product structures
  • Easy control over various product categories
  • Easy management of access rights
  • Powerful product search options 
  • All prices will reflect your individual terms

Our solutions support all important file types (XML, CXML, BMEcat, Excel, CIF) and classifications (all common versions of eClass and UNSPSC).


Certified Electrostatic Protection

Efficient Electrostatic Discharge Prevention

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the release of static electricity when differently-charged objects come into contact. ESD can create electric sparks that damage solid state electronics components, such as SMD and microchips.

ESD prevention during manufacturing and storage of chips, processors and other ESD-sensible components requires designated ESD protected areas (EPAs). EPAs feature a range of measures build-up of electric charge, including anti-static flooring, grounding all conductive materials and people working at the facilites, as well as appropriate climate control. Moreover, sensitive device need to be equally ESD-protected during transit, i.e. during shipping, handling and storage.

Certified by TÜV Nord in 2013, both Zenith's EPA and operating procedures fully comply with the requirements for a proper and safe storage of electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESDs), such as SMDs and microchips.In this context, zenith is setting new global standards when it comes to handling ESDs adequately and professionally. zenith now operates one of very few high-service distribution centres that hold an EPA DIN EN 61340-5-1 certificate.

ESD certificates are based on appropriate quality assurance being in place along the entire supply chain, starting with manufacturers, all the way to the consumer. For businesses, this means providing and demanding expertise and sustainability with regard to both their own operations and those of their suppliers and distributors. Damage caused by ESD is not visible to the naked eye. What's more, ESD may not lead to immediate component failure. Which is why expert knowledge and sustained quality standards are crucial to make sure customers receive goods that are in pristine condition and fully operational.

Request a Quote

Thinking about placing a large volume order or getting the order within 24h? Please get in touch. We are happy to provide you with a quote.

Send a list of the products you require (including the item numbers) to

Need technical advice on one of our products? Email our support team at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely, Business Supplies Team

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